Wellness Wheel

wellness-wheel-imageWellness means overall well-being. It incorporates the mental, emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. Each aspect of wellness can affect overall quality of life, so it is important to consider all aspects of health.

Wellness research shows that Americans who take care of themselves and manage their lifestyles are healthier, happier more productive, have fewer absences from work, and make fewer demands for medical services.


wellness wheel



This Wellness Wheel represents a visual adaptation of the concept of wellness that illustrates the need for “balanced” or “well-rounded” lives.  To attain and maintain harmony and balance, EDWS recommends paying attention to the 9 dimensions of wellness.

The nine dimensions of the Wellness Wheel are inter-connected to achieve balance & personal well-being:

Emotional: Emphasize an awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings

  • personality, stress management, self-efficacy, love, joy, hardiness

Intellectual: Time management, study skills, goal setting, memory, test preparation, imagination

  • Encourage creative, stimulating mental activities

Physical: Encourage regular, physical activity, and gain knowledge about food and nutrition

  • recreation, nutrition, sleep, relaxation, energy level, fitness, preventative maintenance\

Spiritual: Seek meaning and purpose in human existence

  • values, intuition, character, ethics, tradition, enthusiasm, spiritual fulfillment

Occupational: Prepare for work which will gain personal satisfaction and enrichment in one’s life

  • career, certifications, work ethic, school, training, interests, abilities

Social: Contribute to one’s human and physical environment  and the welfare of community

  • relationships, culture, organizations, family, friends, clubs, parties, communication

Environmental: Respect for nature and those species living in it

  • community service, world and political awareness, natural resource management, recycling, food choices

Financial: Strive toward an intricate balance of physical, mental and spiritual aspects of money

  • spending habits, budgeting, financial records

Multicultural: Explore and develop one’s identity in a diverse environment

  • race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability