Wise Health Consumer Month

Posted On February 3, 2020
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What does it mean exactly to be a wise health consumer?

A wise health consumer is an individual who is knowledgeable about their healthcare needs and is proactive in utilizing their available health services. Considering that most people are going to utilize health services, it is very important to understand what you pay for as a health consumer.

To ensure that you are getting the best health care without breaking the bank, these are some suggestions on how to become a wise health consumer:

  • Know your insurance plan. Before enrolling in a plan, research your options to decide what plan is best for you.
  • Research a provider best suited for you. Select a health provider with whom you are comfortable discussing your health history, expectations, and pricing for services.
  • See your provider annually for a wellness physical exam. A health concern may be detected during an annual exam and still easily treatable. It is also a way for you to stay healthy!
  • Write down their concerns and medications that are taken and bring this to the visit. Writing down your questions helps you to be better prepared, and it will also ensure that your health provider can better serve you.
  • Do not ignore symptoms. Contact your provider if you are unsure about something or if symptoms are getting worse.
  • Follow your provider’s instructions. It can take longer to recover from injury if you do not follow instructions.

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