Cancer Prevention Month

Posted On February 1, 2018
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According to current research, “one out of three Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime” and nearly half a million Americans die from cancer every year (

One third of the deaths caused by cancer could be prevented through everyday lifestyle changes. February has been designated Cancer Prevention Month to raise awareness about the ways people can reduce their chances of developing cancer.

Only 41% of Americans are aware that body weight affects the risk of getting cancer, and 17% believe that there is no way to reduce the risk of cancer. The number of individuals who are informed about cancer prevention is still far too low, and this month is a perfect time to educate yourself and others about preventative measures.

The American Institute of Cancer Research provides lifestyle changes which may reduce the chance of developing cancer:

  1. Keeping your weight at a healthy level
  2. Eating a healthy diet
  3. Being physically active for 30 minutes a day

For further details, visit the AICR website:

Many common forms of cancer can be prevented, and so Cancer Prevention Month works to raise awareness about these simple lifestyle changes.

How can you get involved?

  • Spread awareness about cancer prevention!
  • Attend events in your community
  • Donate to American Institute of Cancer Research or other organizations
  • Take part in cancer prevention yourself by making lifestyle changes

For more information and facts visit the World Cancer Day website:



Contributing Writer:  Melanie Christian, Social Work Graduate Intern, Employee Development and Wellness Services, Georgia State University